A moment to blog...

Well, despite our best efforts and plans to blog at least once a month, we have failed!

July and August simply got away from us, the bookings kept on coming in, the booths kept on going out and the BOX team just got more and more worn out. However, here we are in September and still functioning and ready for what the next few weeks bring.

In truth as we sit here and discuss the past few months even we cant remember what we have been up to and where we have been. There are of course some events that stick out more than others. For example we had our first visits to the beautiful Gorewell Farm and Ashton Farm, the stunning Mill Bridge House in Surrey, Shell Bay and Skylark were 2 other notable new venues. Plus many visits to the Italian Villa & Sopley Mill in Dorset.

Other firsts include MR & MR giant letters going out, the first bookings to go out of our amazing rustic shack photo booth and a trip to the utterly magical Streamcombe Farm in Somerset. And our first ever set up in a Church! Yes a church.

We said goodbye to both our classic and inflatable booths as they delivered their last bookings for us before moving on to a new home (somewhere near Gatwick we believe) and welcomed to the team Dom & Zara as new booth hosts.

We also did an fantastic photo shoot, which sadly at this stage we just cant talk about, but in time....

Well thats a quick update of life at BOX, give us a few more days and we will be blogging again, hopefully!

Much Love

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