When a friend calls...

There are some businesses that just don't like to support or help each other out. They seem to be looking out for themselves no matter what the cost.

Undercutting of prices, talking unfavourable about what you do etc.

We are however quite lucky. We work closely with our good friends at Pink Giraffe Photo Booths, whose other company 'Magic Mirror Booth' was one of the first in the country to offer the magic mirror option.

We regularly work alongside each other, and this week was no exception when they came calling for some help running 2 magic mirrors for an event in London. And it was no ordinary event, it was in fact for Sony Music who were launching the new Michael Jackson album Scream, at the grand Free Masons building in Covent Garden.

Packed full of bloggers, fans and the odd celebrity it was quite the event and the 2 magic mirrors went down a storm with the 400 or so VIP's.

It was however a late on for the team of 4, and a day or two to rest is much in order.

Anyway it really was a good night and we thought we would just share a few images from it with you.

Much Love x

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