The photo booth show...

We thought we would take a moment a blog midway through the 2 day show that is the UK’s first Photo Booth Show.

It seems strange that booths have been around for many years now yet this is the first time many of the big names have come together to showcase what they offer.

Now, this is not a show for brides and grooms, it’s all about those in the industry who would like to seewhat’s maybe going to be the next big thing..... and we think we found it!

The 360x booth has been built by UK. Based Noonah, the creators of the original magic mirrors.

It’s an experience that’s all about the digital uploads at the end, no prints, just social media.

You stand on a platform and a camera swings around you whilst you do a silly movement, it records the moment and then layers some slow mo and super slow mo over the top, creating an amazing short video burst that your friends and followers will love!

Aside from that gem, there are some great props on display, lovely backdrops and some slick photo pods.

That’s it for now, it’s just a little insight into what might be going on in the future of the industry and the future of Box.

Much Love

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