Going 360...

So a little while ago we blogged that we were at a Photo Booth show. We played around with lots of cool stuff and sadly lots of the same old stuff, but nothing really blew our minds... except for the 360X.

Built by the original creates of the magic mirrors, this thing is mega. It captures you and your guests by rotating a camera 360 degrees around you whilst your doing something fun, cool or silly. The with a clever bit of tech it runs your 360 video through some super slow mo filters and more.

The end result is a fantastic 20 second video that can be shared instantly via the social sharing station.

So why are we telling you this again?

Well, along with our good friends at Pink Giraffe Photo Booths we splashed out and invested heavily in one and its almost ready. In fact we already have several bookings on it. We have now got a website up and running for it... www.the360revolution.co.uk, although this is just a stop gap one whilst we work on the final version, but you should still take a look.

So if your after something totally different and want to see your branded content shared, drop us a line and we can talk you through this amazing beast!

Much Love x

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