Giant Letter Deals in 2018

When we first started out several years ago, we were truly and honestly the first company in the South to offer Giant LED Love Letters. In the years since we have also added Mr&Mrs Letters (plus the variants of that) as well as some beautiful Rustic Love Letters.

Whats also happened in the years since is that the market has been flooded with people offering Giant Letters.

Now trust us when we say that not all of these letters should be out there. There are some cheap and nasty imported ones, some appalling home made ones and some that dont event have depth, they just have 1D appearance (and un-illuminated).

Many, but not all, of those who hire the letters do so on the side of their day jobs, or as an add on to their candy cart (do people still hire those?!), DJ's have them as an addition and several other photo booth companies offer them too.

Its often the people who offer them on the side that dont have them PAT tested for safety, they sometimes dont carry public liability insurance either, so they not only run the risk of coming unstuck if they cause some damage with them at a venue, be it carrying them in or something else, but they haven idea what will happen if a child (or drunk adult) sticks their finger in lights.

And what about the actual safety of the letters standing? Ours and several others have safety feet to prevent them failing over at the slightest wisp of wind, but there are many that dont, and trust us when we say a 4 or 5ft letter toppling on to a child could have horrible consequences. In fact there are several venues we visit now insisting on feet for safety, and rightly so.

Were not bitter that there is competition, its good for you the customer, we just wish it was fairer, but thats life!

So for 2018 we are going to run our giant letters at some incredible prices in order for you to hire a quality product, safety tested, fully insured & presented in a professional way. We are simply going to push the 'tat' out of the market! It means we are running at tighter margins, which is great for all the brides and grooms out there in Dorset, so dont ask us for any more money off on them, these deals are very very good.

And if you dont book Box Photo Booths for your giant LED letters, at least ask your supplier for a copy of their PAT Certificate, Public Liability Insurance and if they have safety feet and are UK built.

Here's to Giant Letters in 2018!!!

Much Love x

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