We deliver for DHL!

Its true, the title of this blog, we really did deliver for DHL.

We had the pleasure of entertaining some of their execs and clients at the fabulous Sheraton Skyline Hotel in Heathrow a few days back.

Now we dont tend to venture towards London too often, its just so darn busy! However when we got the call from DHL that they had seen our Rustic Garden Photo Booth and that it was perfect for their event how could we say no.

Danny and Paul were the 2 fine Box team members selected for the job and headed off towards the joys of the M25.

Now, we have never put a booth in the Sheraton before, and expected something fairly 'samey' to other similar venues, but the pics of the booth make it look like it could be anywhere in the world!

The Rustic Garden Photo Booth

The event itself was a fantastic affair, laid back, relaxed people all out for a good time. Should go without saying the Rustic Garden delivered its part, with the good old comment of 'this lighting is amazing' popping up as it so often does. Thats because we know what were doing, and use only quality studio grade lighting systems in our booths.

Anyway, it was a great event, and we hope to get a call back from both DHL and the hotel again.

Thats now it before Christmas for us, but between Santas visit and NYE we have a couple more bookings to squeeze in, back on home turf at 2 venues we know well, The Italian Villa and Lulworth Castle.

So have an AMAZING Christmas if thats your thing, if not, enjoy a few days off. Drink, be merry, eat to much and remember life is the longest journey we make, and the shortest too, so love it, all of it and everyone!

Much Love

The Box Team x

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