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A question we often get asked when out with our photo booths is, 'where have you come from'? Its a common one because we cover such a huge area, we, like many wedding guests, come from far and wide, and its a good solid talking point.

We are actually based in Poole, but not everyone knows quite where that is,despite its long history. We also answer with Sandbanks, and in moment they can smell money! Its always a fun one to answer with because people have a preconceived idea that everyone in Sandbanks is either famous or filthy rich, and so they treat you a little different. However, if you say Bournemouth, they know in the blink of an eye, they know the long sandy beaches, the air show, the gardens and so on. Its a great place to holiday with family and friends, and a beautiful place to live (most of the time!).

For getting married, Dorset is a great place, full of so many incredible venues. And actually Bournemouth itself has a lot to offer.

There are countless hotels ranging from the giant chains we all know to the beautiful boutique ones that have become all the rage.

Over the years we have been to (and this is a guess) about 80% of them, be it with a photo booth or giant letter set. There are some where you just fall in love with the place and others where the lack of parking spaces drive you mad. No matter what though, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a venue. And dont forget that in the surrounding areas there are the incredible venues such as Lulworth Castle, Sopley Milll and Durlston Castle near Swanage to name but a few.

It leaves us wondering why we travel so far and cover such a large area when we have all this and more on our doorstep. The answer we come up with is simple, we love what we do, we offer something totally different to the rest and want to share it. And on the way if we get to see some different places then hey, its been a good day!

Much Love

The Box Team

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