The fresh air...

So.... who loved the snow? There is going to be quite a divide on that. We fall in to the 'Loved It' box. Although we were lucky in that we didn't have any bookings across the few days of the madness that came with it.

The glimmer of Spring that has followed in the days after the snow has been lovely, and reminds us of the beautiful place we call home.

Sadly we did have a big wedding show at the Bath & West show ground, which was cancelled, and rightly so. The roads in Dorset we horrendous, but Somerset looked just as bad, and the journey would have been comparable to Scott's in 1912, well almost!

The good news is the Bath & West have re-sheduled for April 7th & 8th, so we will be there just as planned before, with all the same great equipment, so be sure to get yourself along to check us and 90 other exhibitors out.

You may have noticed that we have made a few tweaks to the website, we have said goodbye to the Rustic Pod (although its still available midweek) & the Flower Garden.

We welcome in the not quite finished Lost Garden and some beautiful Giant Scrabble Tiles, which are all available to hire now so its worth checking those out.

We have also spent some time sprucing up the Prints Layouts page, which now has the much jazzier (too Jazzy?, Inbetweeners anyone?) title of The Design Gallery. There are about 12 new styles of prints going in there on Monday March 5th, so be sure to stop by there and see what might be up your street. As ever we can still offer you a totally customisable service if required and at no extra cost!

It feels like this is our last little breather before total madness sets in for the wedding season ahead. Next weekend we head back on the road with the Rustic Garden for a no doubt lovely wedding in East Horton, then its a small gap and thats it..... Non stop until about November. Which leads us nicely to our next point.....

STAFF... We are looking for a couple of quality people to join our team. Perhaps your a husband and wife, a single person, a school leaver, a working mum or a Dad with spare time. We dont care we just need you to fit the part we are looking for. Its great work, great fun, and good pay to the right people.

If you or anyone you know is interested we would love to hear from you. Here is what we are looking for

Now for us its off to finish prepping for the year ahead and breath in that lovely, spring fresh air

Much Love

The Box Team x

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