On the road...

So the end of March was a little like a road trip!

We started last week with 2 visits to one of Dorsets finest wedding venues, Sopley Mill. Its close to our base, always friendly and the weddings that take place there are almost always nice and relaxed events.

First we joined Mr & Mrs Bradley with our Rustic Garden photo booth. Fun and easy going people who were enjoying the drink! And why not, its a big day that we dont tend to do again.

The guests really were a lovely bunch who got well and truly stuck into the booth, and we got well and truly stuck into their sweet cart!!

Two days later and we were back, this time joining Karly & Steve, who's day seemed to have ducked and dived the rain to give them a wonderful sunset and some great images provided by Darren Lovell Photography.

They were a booth hungry crowd and we worked are socks off taking care of them. Prints a plenty and a very full looking guest book at the end for the happy couple.

We then hit the road in the direction of West Sussex for a first visit to the really rather lovely Brookfield Barn.

Set next to a golf club, this modern venue with a touch of old was welcoming and warm after a bit of a trek to get there.

Now, we will take this chance to remind those who boo us why its so important to check the space available. Our booths are big (in all directions), and whilst we can adapt as best as possible its not always easy. In this instance we were a little short of height, which meant that we could get the studio grade lighting up. However, being the pros we are we carry various back ups, and with a bit of this and that we got the pics looking pretty good.

The lovely bride and groom, Amy & Mike, had clearly spent a lot of time making their day look amazing, and it really did! Genuinely lovely guests and a really nice vibe about the whole event.

Our final stop of the week was a return to the always beautiful Priston Mill in Somerset. This is one of those venues that offers itself to a big old party, huge space, high roof, and a mezzanine floor just for the Rustic Garden!

The dance offs, the party games, the hard parting crowd, this really had us enjoying ourselves too!

The Chenzi wedding looked great and our garden always look good set up in there. We only head here 2 or 3 times a year, but it should be more..... hint hint.

Finally... we are still on the lookout for staff. We are fun, friendly people and are offering great pay for the right people. So if your interested in some casual work drop us a line today.

Now we are in prep mode for 2 events next weekedn and the big Bath & West Wedding Showcase were you can get along and sample our amazing 360 Revolution.

Much Love

The Box Team x

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