From mobile phones to satnavs, to cars and maybe even wives.... We all love an upgrade. And our photo booths are no different.

In between the mountain of emails, facebook messages and actual bookings we have been hard at work on all of our booths make sure they are looking tip top for your event. We know are booths aren't the cheapest to hire, but thats partly because we are constantly reinvesting in them.

A while back now we upgraded the lighting and software, but this time around its been more about the cosmetic look of them.

First off we stripped back the Rustic Garden, repainted, re-vined (is there such a word?!), and with a bit of jigging about managed to reduce the height of it by about 0.3 of a metre, not bad when you have venues where size matters.

We also added some greta new bulbs to the festoon lighting that runs around the top of the booth, which really adds an extra touch to the overall look.

There is a couple of small tweaks to come including another upgrade to the studio lighting, because we are always about being better.

The Rustic Garden

Next up we hit the mighty Rustic Shack.

Now since we introduced this booth, we have never been 100% happy about certain elements of it. And that upsets us!

Now though with a gap in its bookings we have once again stripped it back, repainted, re-vined and added oodles of extra flowers, its now so so colourful, we love it.

There has been a whole new pod built (thats the bit inside where the tech stuff goes and the user interacts with) which makes the set up a whole lot quicker, and we are waiting on the arrival of a new studio light system.

Again we have got the overall size down from 2.5metres to 2 metres! Not bad going at all we think. This really means its easier to fit into so many more venues where height is an issue.

The Rustic Shack

And finally on upgrades.... The website has had a few. We have made it easier to navigate your way around, and really improved the mobile version. There is another update to the site on its way in the next few weeks.

Next up is the competition of the Lantern Garden (after an initial name of the Lost Garden). Its out for its first serious booking in 2 weeks and we want it to look utterly amazing, which it will.

We will of course have even more upgrades further down the line, but for now we have plenty to keep us busy.

Much Love

The Box Team

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