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Its a fair and common question we get, 'How much is it to hire?, I cant find a price on your website'.

The reason we dont display our prices is not because we have something to hide, or because we like to annoy folks, Its simply because we cover such a large area that a one price covers all wouldn't be fair.

We have played with the idea of putting our prices on our website, we like to see prices when we look for things, but this is different.

There are loads of regular photo booth companies out there who cover 20-30 miles from thier base, offer a standard booth (though they all claim to have the latest in tech in them, but who really wants Marryoke or some naff green screen), so they are able to display their prices.

Our booths are unique, one-off crowd pleasers and as we cover 6 counties its hard to set a price. By offering bespoke pricing we can adapt the costs to your event, so if your on our doorstep you aren't effectively paying for 90 minutes of travel thats built in to a one size fits all price. Likewise if w have to travel 120 miles to be with you on your big day you dont want to be paying for anything more than you need (unless you have money to burn).

The photo booth makret is full of great companies, average companies and weekend warriors. All offer something for somewhere in the market.

Our prices are more than a standard booth because of what we offer, but Magic mirrors and classic style photo booths are just as popular today as 5 years ago, so there really is something to fit all budgets.

Professional photo booth companies are few and far between (there are about 5/6 of us in Dorset), we are able to offer top notch equipment, carry back ups of cameras, screens etc, so in the event of a problem we will be able to solve it. The guy doing it here and there is less likely to have such reserves meaning a breakdown could be the end of your event!

Its worth remembering when your budgeting for your wedding how much you are prepared to spend on a wedding cake? We have seen some costing an absolute fortune, and dont get us wrong, they are often works of art, but very few people will remember the cake, yet the fun, frolics and pictures from the booth will last forever.

Anyway its just a few thoughts we thought we would share.

Much Love

The Box Team x

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