Wow, November! Shops have got Christmas stuff all over the place, a few over excited houses have some decorations out already (we call that crazy!!), and you can almost smell the Turkeys cooking!

We, as ever, haven't stopped. Its been a pretty busy October and November has a nice spread of bookings, then its December and some lovely winter weddings and a few corporate events. Infact, we are returning to London to provide a photo booth for DHL for the second year running. Good times.

Its also exciting that we have a few new products on the way, starting with our new range of Picpods.

In its simplest form, these are like mini photo booths without the 'booth', that take pics, videos and awesome GIF's which you can then share on the spot. There is no printing, its all about digital output and sharing. Although small, these things are powerful, and actually offer more features than our other booths, with some great things like a Digital Guest Book and the ability to add stickers to your pics and so.

We are building 3 for the time being, The Arlo (sneak peak picture below), The Oran & The Festive. All offering something different.

The Arlo picpod booth

Perhaps the biggest, or should that be smallest, thing about these is the price. In their most basic form we are hoping to hire them from as little as £225, which is way under the cost of a regular booths. There will be the option to add on extras like backdrops and so on, but for this moment its just about the pods.

The Picpods are due in stages over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on our website for whats what and when.

We have also started the process of once again looking for an individual or couple to join our team for the year ahead. Its always casual work, rubbish hours, but good fun and good pay for the right people, so if weddings are your thing, get in touch.

Thats it for now.

Much Love

The Box Team

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