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Buy A Pod?

We have never been ones for standing still.

Since we 'arrived' on the scene in late 2013, we have been trying to make sure that we lead and never follow.

First up came the Rustic Garden Photo Booth, and that put us on the map. It was followed by the Rustic Tower, the now retired Rustic Shack, Lantern Garden & Meadow Garden.

We then brought along the super popular Old Bench and earlier this year the new Lumens Flores.

Somewhere in there we started playing around with the idea of what we now call Party Pods. When we built and introduced the first of these we actually called them Air Pods, but Apple came along and launched a product with the same name.... we weren't going to argue with them!

The Arlo pod was our first, and is still available to hire today.

And since then we have been through several others that have run for a year or 2 and then been 'moved on' allowing us room to build the next idea thats in our head.

So.... Buy a Pod?

Well we do, from time to time build up a few that are to sell on, and currently we have 2 lovely ones up for sale.

Both hand cut and built, these are ideal for those already in the industry as a photo booth supplier, or perhaps as venue dressers, DJ's or some other form of entertainment.

Or maybe you just fancy trying out the wedding world and are looking for an affordable way to start.

These pods are light enough for one person to carry (depending on your strength of course!), can be set up in just 5 minutes and packed up just as quickly.

They will fit in the likes of a Ford Focus, Audi A3 and Astras, and would have no problem been popped in the back of a van.

If your interested in these unique pods, drop us a line. We will be happy to talk to you about how they work and what other little bits you will need.

You can get us in the office on 01202 681041 or if you would prefer WhatsApp then 07979 773104

Much Love

The Box Team


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