With the continued uncertainty that COVID-19 is bringing to the wedding and events industry, we are having to give some thoughts to how we will work in the 'New Normal'.

We are still toying with everything but have settled on a few things that we will be putting in place for the time being. Its for you, your guests and our staffs safety.


The clue is in the title with this, Touch Screens. All our booths use them and we have always been good at wiping the down and keeping them clean, but we have to go one better now....

Our booth staff will now fully operate the screens, from start to finish you won't need to interact with the screen, our booth attendant will wait until your ready and then get things off and running for you.

They will also select your filter if you want one at the end and get them printed.

And finally they will retrieve the prints and pop them in the presentation sleeve we provide and hand them to you.... all done using some protective gloves.


For many these are part fo the whole experience of a photo booth, and we have always been a company that cleans props before and after EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

What we have found over the past 12 months or so is a huge uptake of 'Naked Booths', which is our booths with no props, so guests have to get a bit creative with their bodies. We actually think the pictures look great and if you scroll through our past blogs there is one dedicated to it.

So, we will for the moment be popping all our props on hold.

If you wish to have props then we can point you to some great suppliers, and then there is the throw away ones on Ebay Etc that you may wish to consider.

Its not something we want to do, but feel is the right thing to do at this time. And we will review this after every event.

Rest assured, we will be there getting the most out of your guests so that the images are just as much fun!!

If your unsure about anything, or have any questions, we will be more than happy to help out.

The Box Team

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