GIF'ing IT!

Finally, after much delay, testing and revising, the first of our new Pods is up and running and running sweet at that!

You may even have noticed that we have rebranded them slightly from AirPods, to Imperfect Pods. Much more fitting for them we think. I mean, don't get us wrong, they are so close to perfect its not funny, but its those little imperfections that make things so much more interesting. And thats the same philosophy we use with our full blown booths.

We did complete the build of the Arlo Pod some time ago, but just hadn't really got around to fine tuning it, but its now done its first event and was imperfectly perfect!

We are just a few days away from completing the Oran Pod, with 2 more unique ones to follow in early November.

The Pods are capable of producing pictures, GIF's, video messages and Boomerangs. And for those who aren't sure what a couple of those are, here is a GIF...

And here is a Boomerang....

Once your had a good giggle creating one, you just SMS it to your phone or email it to yourself, pop it straight to Instagram or Twitter, or just grab it with the QR code. We've got all the bases covered!

Photo booth at Gorwell Barn in Dorset
Photo booth at Gorwell Barn

As you can see, they take up very little room, and guests have a greta time with the super simple user interface.

This is an image of the Arlo Pod out at Dorsets lovely Gorwell Barn (where we are now a recommenced supplier!). The wedding of John and Zoe was light of people, but big on fun and cracking guests, all up for a good time. We love these kind of weddings, relaxed and easy going, much like us.

This past week we also put our Rustic Tower in to another of Dorsets finest.... Lulworth Castle, for the beautiful wedding of Will & Bethan. Jeni looked after the guests and as always the booth was a popular choice of entrainment for the many guests.

Rustic Photo Booth at a  Lulworth Castle wedding
The Rustic Tower seen here at Lulworth Castle

We also spent 2 days in the latter part of September at the Wedding showcase held at Somerset Bath & West Showground.

We met so many couples all planning their big day, and were please to confirm dates with several of them. And a few couples who have already booked us popped along too to say hello, which was nice.

There really were some lovely fellow suppliers on hand and it was also a nice surprise to be winner of 'Best Stand' at the show.

Anyway, thats it for now, the rain is falling and light is fading, and home is calling.

The Box Team

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