For 2020 we are making some great improvements to all areas of what we do.

We have in the past spoken of the fact that we never stand still, we like to adapt, and evolve, and try new things.

A first big area of improvement is our Photo Print Styles.

Back in the early days we used to ask you for a mountain of information like colour schemes, fonts, styles, inside leg size, you name it, and then make up a print style template. However, as we got busier over the next few years we realised that we just couldn't do this well enough anymore. And despite our greatest efforts, sometimes a leaf 1mm off to the left was just too much for a bride to take and we could go back and forth for days make the most tiny of adjustments!

So somewhere around 2017, we decided to design a whole bunch

of templates that you could choose from and then we would just adapt the names and dates accordingly.

For the past few years this has worked a treat, has made our lives easier and no one has ever complained! Joy!!!

So what's new?

Well, we can't have the same 50 or so templates going around and around for ever, and styles and themes of weddings change like the wind, so we have been hard at work creating over 100 NEW STYLES, and these will be available from January 1st on our website, plus a short time after this we will have a whole new range dedicated just to our Imperfect Pods, which don't produce prints, but can still be customised for digital sharing and maybe end up being printed later, so we want them looking greta too.

Here are a few we have been playing with...

We hope you'll like the full range of styles, plus we have now already added a folder with a direct link to our Google Drive, so you can download blank templates so you can design your own, although you will need Photoshop to do this.

And finally on the subject, we will be reintroducing the fact that we will custom design you a template if you can't find something in our range that you want, but more on that when we have figured out the exact details!

Thats it for now

The Box Team

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