As you can imagine, we go to LOTS of wedding. Each one is a little different to the last, be it the setting, the colours, the theme or of course the people. And its the people that make it! Thats part of the reason we have great, fun and engaging staff to work our booths. It all adds to the experience, and helps get your crowd going that little bit more.

There are times when some of these crowds really stand out. the thing that makes it for us is respect. To hear pleases and thank you's and have guests respecting staff is what helps sets the different events apart.

This past few weeks we have had 2 cracking weddings that stood out for these reasons. First up was the lovely 'Starkie Wedding' at Somerset's beautiful Priston Mill.

We joined Chloe & Oli plus about 100 guests with our Rustic Garden Photo Booth for the evening.

This stunning old barn and mill is a venue we have had the pleasure of being at several times over the years. Set away from just about anywhere, its peaceful setting, lovely staff and always fun weddings make it one of the Souths finest wedding venues.

Somerset Photo Booth
Rustic Garden Photo booth at Priston Mill near Bath

Chloe & Oli's crowd were great fun, pleasant and polite, and some of them really knew how to 'work' a camera. The images from the booth looked cracking that night, and the pizza on offer from their buffet was also pretty darn good!

We also think you'll agree from the image that the booth looks great up on the mezzanine floor.

Priston Mill wedding..... This is THE BOOTH for you!

Asian weddings are BIG.

We have been lucky enough to do several of them through the years. Welcoming, polite, colourful and as we said....BIG!

Joining Usman & Sarah at Bath Racecourse in Somerset (must be something in the air there), we had the Rustic Booth on offer. Sadly the weather meant we couldn't go fro an outdoor set up as hoped, but a private room just for the booth was still rather nice.

The wedding had around 320 guests, and whilst initially quiet, the booth soon picked up and those prints just kept on coming.

If you have ever been to any kind of Asian wedding (this one was Pakistani), then you will know they are things of wonder. Mega cars, endless colour, drummers & dancing and grandeur in every way. They are always the most fun to do, and our little team always argue over who will work these events!

As you can see from the picture, our happy couple looked amazing and we wish them and Chloe & Oil all the very best for their futures together.

Pakistani wedding photo booth
Photo Booth at Bath Race Course Somerset

And for us.... We need to get a move on. The wedding season is far from over and we have the big Bath & West Showground Wedding Showcase coming up in about 4 weeks. We have put together a great set up of booths to try, great staff to chat too and a lovely little discount if your really nice.

The Box Team

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