About a year ago we started work on creating ourselves some much smaller, ECO friendly, photo booths. In the world of booths, such things are generally known as 'Selfie Pods'.

Now, we are never ones to follow, so we simply adapted the basic principle and made them our own, a series of unique, unmatched and creative pods, which we felt were sort of perfectly imperfect, hence the name....Imperfect Pods.

In terms of how they work they are of course perfect. Super simple touch screen, with the option to create pictures, GIF's, Boomerangs and even 10 second video messages.

Once you've created your.....erm.....masterpiece, the pod quickly preps and its ready to share straight to your phone, or to an email address, to Twitter, Instagram etc... In seconds!

It really is a cracking little piece of tech.

Animated GIF pods
Imperfect Pods seen here amount the Autumn leaves of Dorset

We have sleek and stylish options as it stands (yes we are working on 2 more!), all with their own style.

The Green one is Arlo, and can be dressed with some extra foliage if you wish, Oran is the one with the tanned wood rising from the base, the Elysium is the one with wood sliding from the top and finally Rockstar.

These pods are super quick to set up, take up a tiny amount of space compared to other options, don't print so have no waste, and if required we can run them without the need to plug them in, totally self sufficient. Thats means you could potentially put them anywhere!

Prices start from just £200, making them a super affordable option.

Just get in touch if you have any questions about our newest offerings.

The Box Team

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