Well it was only a few days back we told the world that we were now on TikTok.

However, we are also on Pinterest. In fact we have been for a couple of years, yet have never really added much to it.

So, given the current status of the world around us we have now been able to put some effort in and got this up to speed.

We couldn't quite decided how to go about our pins, but have now settled on simply showing you a booth or giant letters, and naming the location of where that image was taken.

We figured its a chance for you to see different booths & giant letters in potentially your venue.

It might help gauge space etc.

We are still in the process of adding images, and please keep in mind some of these images may be a few years old now and the booths have evolved a little in that time. In particular the lighting. You will notice the Rustic Garden used to have a large studio light perched at the top, this has long since been replaced with much smaller and friendly LED lighting.

Anyway, we are waffling! the main thing is, if Pinterest is your thing, then give us a little follow or like as you pass through.

Stay Safe

The Box Team x

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