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There is no doubting that the recent announcement from the man at no.10 was good news.

For everyone, from everywhere and all walks of life, the last 12 months or so have been pretty awful.

Whilst so many industry’s have been hit hard, the wedding and events world has really been brought down to its knees.

Its felt like it would always be the last to come back given the nature of large crowds that go with events. Back, however, it is! (Well soon).

In 2020 we did just a single small event in February, followed by a few days with our 360 booth in March just days before the world went in to lockdown, and then one, yes 1, wedding in September with a brave couple who snuck in with the 30 people at a wedding limit days before that came to an end to. And THAT WAS IT!

Trying to survive for almost 12 months, and still several more to go yet, with no income to a business is not easy, but we have.

As one of only a few professional companies in our industry we have had to make tough decisions to help see us through. Losing storage, dropping our back catalogue of on-line customer galleries, selling on some older booths and more.

One of the booths we have said goodbye to is our Rustic Shack. The big brute of a booth has served us well, but we had already been leaning towards saying goodbye to it before COVID, and with what’s happened we think the days of enclosed booths are over (for us anyway).

The Rustic Shack has had its day

We have had to go right through what we do and how we do it, to make sure that as we come out the other side of this last 12 months we are in the best place possible to give you folks the best booth experience possible.

There are of course so many couples out there who’s lives have been turned upside down. Its hard organising a booking once, let alone doing it all 2 or 3 times. We actually have one couple on their 4th date. They will have earned their wedding!

Now we know there is an end (or beginning) in sight, we can switch back on our work on 3 new booths and will be hoping to get these ready to show off by late spring.

You may also have noticed a brand new website and logo for us.

We felt a fresh look would be a good thing to start things off with. Gone is the Red we have used for years and in comes a fresh new green with White or Charcol text depending on the background. We really want what’s left of 2021 and beyond to be full of great things!

As we build ourselves back up towards full strength we will be back on the blog more often, posting on social media and picking up the phone again.

We will also be going through all our 2021/22 and beyond bookings to be sure we have everything in order. The process of moving couples and dates again and again, and holding back up dates for back up dates has been seriously tough, so we want to be sure we have got I right for everyone. If we have any doubts, or you have any doubts we should touch base soon.

For now that’s it, we hope the next few months go to the governments plan and that we will get to join you all with our beautiful photo booths.

Roll on June


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