Its a fairly common question we get asked when at a wedding or event....'How many people can we fit in'?

Well in truth quite a lot. Although this does depend on which booth you have gone for and how much of those people you would like to see!

Lets start with the Rustic Garden & Rustic Tower Photo Booths. For nice, uncluttered, clean images, we say 6 folks, 8 at a push, and if you only after some heads bobbing about then we have actually seen 12! That gets cosy.

Photo Booth fun with the bride in Somerset
A whole lot of trouble... 7 brides at once!

The Rustic Shack is really 6 at the most, this is just due to the way the camera is housed so can't really extend beyond that, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

The Picpods could in theory capture 20+, but they would be so small by that stage it would be pointless, again around 6 is the optimal amount.

The 360 Revolution Photo Booth as a very strict capacity of 4. We don't deviate from.

So with the exception of the 360, the booths can take quite a squeeze, especially if everyone 'stacks' themselves in some sort of order.

At the end of the day its just about capturing some great pics with those who mean the most to you and be it 2 or 12 people, it will be a blast.

Much Love

The Box Team

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