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We're Hiring!

Yep, we need you, and we need you now.

Our work can change pace in an instant. We can go from 1 event to 3 or 4 on the same date very quickly.

To keep up with that we need helpers, casual ones at that.

What do we bring to the table?...

  • The knowledge you need

  • A uniform

  • Fun work environment


What do you need to bring to the table?....

  • Friendly and helpful personality

  • Your own transport


  • The ability to work (mainly) Friday & Saturday evenings, but this isnt week in and week out, so you can still have a social life.

You can be young or old, big or little, black or white, a housewife or husband, semi-retired, just after a second job, male, female and all the other options in-between, you can be almost anything you want, but you MUST MUST MUST be HONEST & TOTALLY RELIABLE

If you're interested please drop us a line and we can go from there.

The Box team

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