the Service terms & conditions


Terms and Conditions are the standard conditions by which Daniel Lyons T/A Box Photo Booths, 35 Dawkins Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4JW (the “Supplier”) agrees with the Client (the “Client”) to supply the Service specified in this Agreement. These Terms and Conditions constitute the whole Agreement and the confirmation e-mail (the “Agreement”) between the Client and Supplier. This Agreement supersedes all prior Agreements. These Terms and Conditions can only be varied if expressed in writing by the Supplier.


In these Terms and Conditions the words below will bear the meaning indicated.

Agreement: Terms and Conditions and the confirmation e-mail
Service: Supply of the photo booth hire at the Event outlined in the confirmation e-mail
Booking: Fee Fee agreed in the confirmation e-mail for the Service
Event: Event date, location and hire period specified in the confirmation e-mail


Once the non-refundable deposit of 15% of the TOTAL BOOKING FEE has been received and the confirmation e-mail has been issued to the Client, this Agreement will be binding.


The Client must provide a solid flat empty cubic space which varies slightly depending on the photo booth you have booked, and access to a 240V mains socket within 5 Metres. If the photo booth is to be located in the middle of an open area, extension leads may be required. The Client agrees to supply the extension leads and tape to the floor. The Supplier accepts no responsibility for accidents.

The Client must provide the Supplier access to the venue at least 1 hour prior to the photo booth hire start time, more if possible.

The Client must provide the Supplier a suitable parking space. The Client must pay for any parking or congestion charges.

The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the Supplier’s equipment. The Client will be charged the full cost of any repair or replacement required should the damage be due to the negligence of the Client or their guests.

If the Supplier’s performance of any of its obligations under the Agreement is prevented or delayed by an act or omission by the Client, the Client shall reimburse the Supplier for any costs or losses sustained or incurred by the Supplier, arising directly or indirectly from the act or omission by the Client.


Your photo booth will be made available for the hire time you have booked based on the actual usage time at the venue, set-up and break down of the photo booth will not be included.

If we are not ready to start at the agreed time due to reasons within our control, we will still operate the photo booth for the full agreed hire time by extending the finishing time (venue permitting).

If the hire does not start at the agreed time, as setup has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances that are not our fault, then the hire will still end at the time booked. If we have setup on time, but usage of the photo booth does not begin at the agreed time due to over running of previous activities at the event, the hire will still end as per the agreed time on the booking.

The latest finish time on all our photo booths is 10.30pm, therefore the latest start time on a standard 3 hour hire is 7.30pm.

Should allocated supplies be used, the actual hire time may be reduced.

Additional hours can be purchased for £100 in on the night for £75 per hour in advance.

Midnight finishes are available on The 360 Revolution Experience. Additional hours cannot be purchased for this on the day


The Supplier will provide the Service.

If the Supplier cannot honour the Agreement, the Client is due a full refund including deposit and subsequent claims for incidental damages will not be accepted.


The full balance of the Booking Fee must be received no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Payments can be made via BACS.

In the event of any or all of the Booking Fee not being received by the Supplier 14 days prior to the Event, the Supplier shall be entitled to treat non payment as a cancellation and no refund will be payable.

Cash payment at the Event is accepted however must be paid prior to the attendant setting up the photo booth. Failure to do so will result in the photo booth not being set up.


All deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations must be made in writing either via email or post to the Supplier.

If the Client cancels 30 days prior to the Event, the full Booking Fee will be refunded less the deposit amount.

If the Client cancels within 14 days of the Event, the full Booking Fee will be due.

Claims for refunds will not be accepted.


The photo booth attendant will not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour under any circumstances. He/she reserves the right to terminate the Service at any time if they feel their personal safety is at risk or the equipment supplied is in danger of getting damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behaviour by the Client or their guests. No refund will be provided.

The equipment supplied remains the property of the Supplier at all times.

All digital images remain the property of the Supplier at all times.

The Client’s rights as a statutory consumer are not affected.

The Client agrees to have the photo booth operational for a minimum of 90% of the time during the hire period, as operations may need to be interrupted for servicing and maintenance of the photo booth. In the event of the photo booth failing to operate as a photo booth, the Supplier will refund the Client 25% of the Booking Fee.

In the event of the printer failing to print photos, the Supplier will reprint all photos off-site and send via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Mail within 7 days of the Event to an address specified by the Client. We accept no responsibility for any loss or disappointment resulting from any printing failure or defective or imperfect prints resulting from circumstances outside of our control.

In the event of the camera failing to take photos the Supplier will refund the Client 25% of the Booking Fee.

In the event of the Client’s digital images being corrupted, lost or stolen the Supplier will refund the client 10% of the Booking Fee.

The 1988 Copyright Design & Patents Act – section 77 & 80 assigns copyright of all digital images to the Supplier. It is contrary to the act to copy or allow to be copied photographs captured by the Supplier by any means.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the Event, the Client grants the Supplier full rights to use any digital images taken at the Event (inside or outside of the photo booth) on the Supplier’s website, social media platforms and other marketing material without limitation.  All digital images will be discarded by the Supplier after 30 days of the Event unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Client before the Event.


Our double print package will provide 2 printed copies on each visit, one copy for your guests to share and one for your album.

If you choose the add-on of 'Extras Prints', the photo booth will print a copy for each person inside the booth at the time of the photograph being taken, up to maximum of 6 copies.

Usage of the photo booth is unlimited throughout the duration of the hire period.  Please be aware that we also cannot force guests to use the photo booth and therefore undertake no responsibility for the usage of the photo booth during the hire period.  The hirer/event organiser holds the responsibility to organise and encourage guests to use the photo booth service that we provide. 


A guest book is always provided as part of the package, the booth hosts present during the event will advise guests that they can put a copy of the photograph into the book as a memento of the night for the hirer. The Booth Hosts are not responsible for the guest book, it is not their responsibility to ensure that all photograph copies are included, and also how they are stuck into the book, and whether all are accompanied by written comments.  Box Photo Booths cannot force guests into displaying their photos in the guest book, and take no responsibility for the fullness of the guest book at the end of the agreed hire period.


No liability is accepted by the Supplier for any loss, damage, cost, charge or expense whether occasioned by negligence or caused in any other way whatsoever and whether arising directly or consequentially by reason of or for or in respect of or in anyway in connection with the Service provided unless the loss or damage arises as a result of death or personal injury. The Supplier’s total liability to the Client in respect of any loss, damage or distress arising under or in connection with the Agreement shall in no circumstances exceed the Booking Fee. 
The Supplier will endeavour to ensure an on time photo booth hire start time; however will accept no liability or responsibility for delays in arriving to the venue.




Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations.




The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 does not apply to this Agreement.



11. LAW

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court.





a) The booking deposit amount of 50% of the total payment stated on your event booking invoice is required upon booking to secure your date. The outstanding balance is to be paid no later 14 days prior to event date. 

b) The initial booking deposit is non-refundable after 48 hours.

c) All payments must be made by dates requested on invoice. Failure to pay by these dates may result in cancellation of hire.



a) Cancellations must be made in writing via e-mail to

Refunds will be given in accordance to the following.

– Cancelled up to 6 months prior to event –100% of total price will be refunded of monies already paid minus the non-refundable booking deposit.

– Cancelled less than 3 months prior to event –50% of total price will be refunded of monies already paid minus the non-refundable initial deposit.

– Cancelled less than 2 months prior to event – NO REFUND of ANY MONIES PAID.



The hire period for any letter set is from set up on the day of your event until Midnight, at which point our team will collect the letters. If you require a post midnight finish there is an additional fee of £40.00 on top of any hire fee. If you fail to notify us that you have a later than midnight finish, WE WILL REMOVE the letters at midnight regardless. We can have as many as 4 sets of letters out in a night so have a schedule to hit as many venues close at a set time (e.g. 1am).

The hirer, venue guests or anyone other than Box Photo Booths staff are not permitted to move the Giant LED Letters, if you do you the hirer are liable for any damage we deem you to have caused as stated below in Damages. For one of our team to come and relocate the letters at your venue for you, the cost varies from £25.00 upwards depending on your venues location.



a) Hirer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damages during the hire period, and will be liable for any repair or replacement. Photograph’s will be taken at Set-Up by Box Photo Booths in case of any disputes. 


In the unlikely event of any accidental damage, the hirer is responsible for ALL damages made to the props after delivery and prior to collection by Box Photo Booths.


In the case of any damages our procedure is as follows:

Photographs will be taken after set up, and upon collection, in the case of any disputes.

An itemised quote from our designer will be forwarded to you within the week with broken down repair costs, which is to be paid immediately.

Additional charges WILL occur if damages made prevent Box Photo Booths from fulfilling our agreements with other clients (e.g. If we cannot fulfil a booking in the following days due to damages made at your event, you will be charged the amount it costs Box Photo Booths to refund the booking.)


In order to avoid any damages being made to the Letters, we encourage you to ensure yourself and your guests enjoy them as visual aid, but NOT to stand, sit or lean on them, with the exception of Bride & Groom for professional photography.

If on arrival of set-up, the Box Photo Booths Team feel the letter location request is unsafe (e.g. uneven floor, electrical equipment close to water supply) then we have the right to place them in a position better suited. This is to reduce any risks of any damage to both props and more importantly, yourself and your guests.

Under no circumstances must the hirer, or anyone else at the venue including staff move the letters once our team has set them up. You will be liable of any damages incurred as set out above. Box Photo Booths will not be held liable for any damage to the venue or any persons if the letters have been moved by anyone other than ourselves.



a) The Letters have been designed for inside use, they cannot be set up outside or moved outside by the hirer, guests or venue staff.

b) It is the responsibility of the hirer to speak with their venue for permission for Box Photo Booths to set up. Ensure you organise substantial space for the props, as we are unable to move decor/furniture set up by other vendors or the venue.

c) Hire of the Letters must be located within 5 METRES of a standard power point.

d) Ensure the Letters are within reasonable distance to a power point when deciding on your location.

e) The Giant LED Letters must not be moved form the location at which we set them up in.

f) A COMPLETELY flat space will be provided for the relevant size of the letters you have hired.

g) We will not set up Giant LED Letters on Coconut Matting as stated on the information pages about the letters on our website. In the event we arrive at your venue and are faced with this, no set up will take place and no refund will be offered, no exceptions.





The hirer accepts these terms and conditions by placing a booking and then making the payment of the non-refundable booking fee.

Therefore it is deemed that by placing a booking with Box Photo Booths (verbally or in writing via email), or via paying your booking deposit, whether it is explicitly stated or not, whether the hirer signs to indicate their acceptance or not, these Terms & Conditions are binding between the two parties.


Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire, breakdown and the party shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligations.




The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 does not apply to this Agreement.



9. LAW

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court.


Health and Safety Policy

BOX Photo Booths


The policy applies in respect of any person to whom Box Photo Booths owes a duty of care.

Box Photo Booths is a provider of mobile entertainment, and fully accepts, its statutory and moral responsibilities to provide the highest standard of health and safety protection for its staff and for other people on or about the premises or sites for which it has responsibility.

Box Photo Booths is dedicated to ensuring;


  • The health, safety and welfare of all our staff and others who work under our control

  • The safety of the general public who use or have access to premises under our control or attend our events The way in which we develop our undertaking contributes to the well-being of the community at large.

    In order to meet these aims we shall:

  • Keep up to date with best practice in relation to health and safety and comply with all relevant legislation and authoritative guidance

  • Ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, those who undertake work on our behalf apply the highest standards of health and safety for their employees and the community in general

  • Co-operate actively with local authorities, statutory bodies and public services in the interest of public safety and the safeguarding of the environment

  • Give a high priority to health and safety in all our operations

  • Develop, implement and monitor health and safety regimes appropriate to our work

  • Co-operate with, and monitor, the performance of contractors who work for us

  • Provide the necessary resources to implement our policies and keep them up to date

  • Consult with, and involve, our staff in matters affecting their health and safety

  • Provide the necessary equipment and training for the tasks to be performed

  • Where necessary supplement our in-house resources with external resource

  • We require the full and active participation of all our employees in order that the principles outlined in this policy statement may be achieved.

    The statutory duties placed on Box Photo Booths and all their employees, and providers of services, are to be regarded as minimum standards. We aim to achieve best practice in terms of health and safety in all that we do. 


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