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The 360 Revolution creates incredible video content with just the press of a single button, the arm rotates around users on a stationary platform and records via a high end DSLR camera, capturing seamless 360 degree footage

With the ability to add sensational effects – key framing, overlays, intro, outro's and even audio, guests can share the branded content within seconds. Everything is automated. No on-site editors or post event production here: it’s all done in real time.

Quick to set up and simple to use, the 360 Revolution is perfect for corporate events, brand activations, weddings, fashion shows and more!


You are more than welcome to enquire with us, but we do also have a website now dedicated to the 360, and it also has its own social media channels too, incase you wish to take a look...


Unlike a Photo Booth or a Magic Mirror, The 360 Revolution is a moving, living, exciting, different and of course, 360 degree experience.

It means that the user created content is original & fun, and with video bursts being from as little as 6 seconds, its quick and easy to watch and engage with. With no onsite editing, other than what the software takes care of, finished content is made social media friendly in just moments, with graphics, overlays, intro's or outro's all in place.​ And then theres animated overlays and music too!

There is also a variety of formats the content can be prepared in, with the 1.1 (square format) the most far reaching of them. And if your after some Hashtag exposure, we can embed that into every share too!

We can incorporate hashtags into every shared video with Twitter & Instagram, and also everything that goes out with the 'share' can be worded and branded by your selves, or left with a simple, generic message.

And we can also brand EVERYTHING!


Many venues require proof of a suppliers Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Electrical Safety Testing (PAT). Ours are readily available for you to download from our Google Drive Folder...


  • Great set up and your choice of 'live' hours

  • Instant & unlimited sharing

  • High resolution video output

  • Your own personalised video overlays

  • Specially selected 360 props

  • Sharing station

  • Confetti canon (if required)

  • A copy of all the finished video bursts

  • Fun & friendly 360 hosts throughout

  • Full delivery, set up & breakdown


PRICING We don't display our prices simply because we cover a very large area, and a one price fits all sadly doesn't work. When you're ready drop us a line with your event details and we can go from there.

Little Extras

We think that our 'Always Included' package has all the bases covered and then some, but there are a few extras you might wish to consider and we are always happy to discuss these with you...

  • Custom brand the 360 platform with your own logo/image

  • Add additional sharing stations

  • Backdrops, custom props and so much more

Our latest promo video features snippets from many of the events we have attended. Just to give you a flavour of what the 360 is about.

If you can do 'cool' then this is what you have to live up to.

This is Mr England, Miss Dorset & Spinewear

The boss of Wella Europe really knew how to work the 360 with this cracking attempt at some Matrix style action

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If you're in a pickle and need a booth!


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