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A Naked Booth...

First thing is first, we don't mean naked as in no clothes on!

Over the last 18 months or so we have seen an increase in events where we have been asked to NOT provide props, in other words, a naked booth.

Now we don't know if this is a 'thing' in the wedding world that's just popular, or simply a coincidence. The one thing we do know is, the pictures do look rather lovely!

There is something clean, uncluttered and just a little more classy about them. We find that people have to be a bit more creative with their bodies, and our booth buddies are great at egging on guests for some great poses!

We should point out that these prop-less booths aren't for everyone, and that props have a place in our hearts when it comes to dam right silliness. Honestly, who doesn't like to stick on a silly hat and glasses and act like a rock star for a few moments. Its a choice that you just might want to consider is all we are saying.

And on a final note, why not go for a half way house, sort of, semi naked. Just have us provide some of our many picture frames which are a great and simple prop for posing with...

So its maybe worth just giving a little though to how you would like your photo booth pics to look. We don't mind either way, we don't have to look at them again in the future, but we would like to know that you do, and with a smile on your face.

The Box Team



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