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All New Templates for your Photo Booth hire experience with us

We are always busy working on something. From new booths or pods, to new software additions and website improvements to make every bit of your photo booth hire with us as easy as possible.

The one thing that we have been putting off for a long long long time, is a full overhaul of our printing and digital templates to improve our photo booth hire offer.

This is a no easy job we can assure you.

As all our templates our custom made by us, it takes time to strike up the creative flare and add new ones, it takes even more effort to then start them all again with an overhaul.

Yet... this is what we have now begun to do. The new look pages will soon show you the templates with our own booth images in, not generic ones. So for the booths, this will help give you a much better idea of how they will look with 'your' pictures in them.

We will no doubt carry over some of the styles because they are too nice to just bin off, but we will be adding a whole host of fresh ones.

For the Selfie pods, you will soon be able to see how your style looks in either postcard pictures format (6x4) or as a square format. And we are toying with a couple of other options.

You will also be able to see the matching digital backdrop that accompanies it (if you are having that of course!).

All in all, this should make it much easier for you to get a feel for how your images will look on the day.

Heres a little sneak peak at a few of the new styles of monograms we have been working on.....

They are looking pretty good so far right? Well we think so, and there are so many more on our digital workbench right now.

We are hoping to complete the Selfie Pod overhaul in the next few weeks, with the booths taking a little longer and most likely rolling in to the start of 2023 ready for a season of photo booth hire.

Now, we are packing the van up with the incredible 360 revolution and heading off to London for an awards evening on Park Lane. An event we have done a few times in the past and are always happy to go back to.

We have had Russel Kane and then Tom Allen the past few years, so who will be hosting it this time around we dont yet know, but we do know they will be strutting their stuff on the 360!

So, for all your photo booth hire needs not just in Dorset and the South, but almost anywhere in the UK, get in touch.

Much Love

The Box Team



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