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Glastonbury Baby! In the EE VIP garden with the 360 Photo Booth

Over the years we have worked for some great brands and at some truly amazing venues. Its taken us years to build up to that from our humble beginnings, and we never want to forget our roots.

We know that the cornerstone of our business is making memories for those newly weds and their friends & families at beautiful wedding venues across the land.

However, we do like to stretch our legs, and throughout the year we get to do some great events for corporate partners, VIPs and Celebs.

There is no doubt that this highlight so far has to be the 2022 Glastonbury Festival.

With are sister company (Pink Giraffe), we were asked by EE (the phone people) to provide our 360 for their private 'EE Garden' at the festival.

Now, if you have ever done Glastonbury you will know that its big. Oh so big! With an attendance of around 200,000 festival lovers, its not a place to be if crowds aren't your thing.

We rocked up on the Saturday morning, worried about the huge Grey clouds overhead, they were the last thing we needed, as EE wanted the 360 Photo Booth outside, bathed in sunshine.

It was whilst waiting for the clearance to drive through the festival to the EE Garden that those Grey clouds cried enough, and dumped a huge amount of rain on all the fun lovers and us (although we had the benefit of a dry van!).

It was a short but heavy shower, enough to make us reach for the wellies, but with clearance granted we headed through Worthy Farm to be treated to a green retreat with sunshine blazing.

EE clearly wanted to keep their invitees happy, and on hand were makeup artists, hair stylists, a free bar serving all you could want, plus food wagons, live music stage and clean, yes clean, toilets.

Now its at his point we cant divulge too much more. We set up, the guests arrived, the music played and the drinks flowed.

We have done our fair share of events with many celebs wondering around, and tend not to bother them, but a few here were more than up for some fun and happy to have the classic selfie taken. So we did...

The 360 itself went down a storm, with many familiar faces coming back time and again.

The weather held off for the entire time we were there which was a huge relief and we are pretty sure there are plenty of the 360 photo booth creations flowing across social media.

So all in all, it was a great event to be a part of.

The 360 Photo Booth is available for your event too, from your amazing wedding, to product launch or just for a good old knees up!

The Box Team



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