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PayPal Paid Us! 360 Photo Booth London at Christmas time

Yes, thats the correct title.

Over the years we have had an on off affair with PayPal. Like us, they are a business and out to make a profit, and they have certainly made a profit from us in the last decade.

On this occasion however, they paid us to take our powerful 360 photo booth experience to their Xmas bash in London.

Now, if you have ever done London at any time, you'll know how the traffic can be, and worse still how much fun the parking can be. Now throw December into the mix and its even worse, but these are the joys of heading from our base on the South Coast up to the 'Big Smoke'.

360 Photo Booth London...

The event was held at the lovely, 8 Northumberland Ave, just a stones throw from the Thames, and it really was quite a place.

Our 360 Photo Booth London was hired with its full voile surround and digital branding screen plus physical branding on the machine itself.

Now, we cant lie, whilst the voile does take a bit of setting up, its great at helping keep the confetti canon mess controlled and does offer a slightly opaque screening if you're a slightly more self conscious individual.

The event itself was an absolute riot! Apart from a brief breather as meal corses were served it was almost non-stop with the fun loving crowd all enjoying their moment to strut their stuff. In fact it was a guest list of around 200 people, but by the time we finished had felt like 500!

After packing down and the reasonably sensible hour of 10pm as the guests all headed off to party in another room, we rolled out the front doors of number 8 and hit the cold road back to the South coast to prepare for another weekend of events.

As we rock on towards the end of the year we just have 2 more weddings to go and a corporate event for the team at DHL near London which is always one we enjoy.

Then its a very relaxed January and a time to catch up on lots of boring things like paperwork and lots of exciting things like new booths, so watch this space.

If we dont chat before hand, have a truly magical Christmas, festive season or whatever you choose to do or celebrate.

And if your looking for 360 Photo Booth hire London, for whatever your event, just drop us a line!

Much Love

The Box Team x



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