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This 'N' That in the photo booth world

Ok, so this one is just about telling you a bit of this 'n' that info from us this past week or so.

First up.... Google Reviews.

You cant believe what a difference it makes when a past client leaves a glowing (hopefully always glowing!) review on Google.

Its does a few things for us. Its lets others see what we have been doing well, what others feel about the cracking service we offer and more than anything helps little old us move up Googles rankings a little more, and that means more work for our little team of peeps.

If you happen to be a past client reading this and haven't left us a review, we would love it if you could, or if you have your date with destiny coming up then be sure to leave us one afterwards.

google reviews
Google & Facebook reviews really help

Its so easy to do. You can either click the Google logo on our website, or just Google us... Box Photo Booths.

We honestly would love your feedback!

In other news...

We are now a Recommended Supplier on the rather well know (In wedding circles anyway) Rock My Wedding.

No biggie, but nice to be there, and its a great source of information and suppliers from all over the country, so do take a look if your in the market for a wedding

Rock my wedding logo
We are part of Rock My Wedding

We have also added the first of our new Luxx Party Pods to the website.

Taking the ease and simplicity of our regular Digital Party Pods, but adding on the spot printing takes these to a new level.

And the first of these, Meadow, looks lovely. Its going to go down a storm at the first Barn/Rustic wedding it hits!

A bespoke photo booth
Selfie pods can be huge amounts of fun

Thats it for now. We have to pack the vans up and get ready for a weekend of some lovely events. If you need us though, just shout.

Much Love

The Box Team x.



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