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Time is key

'We would like to have the photo booth run from 9 until midnight'. Its not a request we get too often and when we do, the answer is generally no (although there can be the odd exception).

We have been around for almost 10 years now as a professional Photo Booth company and have over that time fine tuned what we offer and how we offer it.

One of the main considerations for your booth experience is what time you should have it running. We all associate a photo booth as evening entertainment, but we have found over the last 18 months or so (and for many bookings this year) that guests are moving their booth experience start time a little earlier, capturing a nice overlap of both day and evening guests, and having us out they way by 9.30ish so guests can be merry on the dance floor.

A 7-10 slot for the booth is always the best, although we know meals and speeches mean thats not always possible, and we will always look to accommodate your needs.

This year we have several booths that start at 5 through to 8, so we clear off in time for the first dance and party.

There is a common thing we hear along the lines of 'we will come back later when were drunk', as folks seem to think that a drunk photo is a good photo. And its not true. It really isn't. Drunk pics are often a blurry mess, with people in and then out half way through the set, they don't bother adding it to your guest book with a nice message and you can find yourself having paid for a service thats wasted for the last hour or so, that wouldn't have been with an earlier start.

Its always your day, and we love a good party (and drink) ourselves, we just want you to get the maximum form your booth experience with us, so give it some thought!

Much Love

The Box Team



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