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360 Photo Booth at the top of Londons amazing Science Museum

Our travels take us all over the shop, but this was our first stop at London's Science Museum for our corporate client Adecco.

Event space in London
The fantastic event space atop London's Science museum


DID YOU KNOW.... Our 360 has its very own website


The thing with London is...

Parking! If you've ever done anything in London and driven in and out you ll know what a headache trying to park can be.

Its either rather challenging to find or you find some with ease but you have to speak to the bank first and get yourself a loan to pay for 3 hours of parking!

However, we except that as part and parcel of what we do and these days slightly relish the challenge of finding somewhere that doesn't require said trip to the bank.

This little jaunt to London however came with the added benefit of parking on site. Yep, a parking space just for us hidden around the back of Londons impressive Science museum.

And we were there for a lovely client in the form of Worldwide Recruitment company Adecco.

An early start

Setting off from the South Coast at the very crack of dawn, we had a early set up to complete before our clients guests arrived on site.

What this really means is we leave early, stop for a joyous McDonalds breakfast and a strong coffee and get to London before the traffic beats us there.

Now, we won't bore you with all the set-up details, but once we had taken care of that, we basically had free roam of the museum for about an hour before the general public were let in. And its a whole different experience to wonder around this place without anyone else. You can stop and read, take your time, enjoy the peace and quiet and get a whole different experience to when you're sharing it with thousands of other guests.

The bit in the middle

Whilst we had a very early set up, the clients weren't using the 360 photo booth until later in the evening, so we did a bit of shopping around, drank coffee, winced at the price of a sandwich in Harrods and plonked ourselves down in a Pret for a phone re-charge and a bit of a chill before heading back to the museum to hit the gift shop and smarten up ready for the evening of fun.

Kicking off the 360 photo booth

After a bit of a slow start, guests started to really get stuck into the 360 photo booth.

Adecco had gone for simple, digital branding (honestly less is always more!) and a selection of rather classic props, including hats and glasses for a bit of extra fun.

The event space at he top of the Science Museum really is amazing and can cater for over 300 people, but we had just 140 guests to take care of.

Despite spending the entire day in London, the 360 was actually only active for about 3 hours as it was an early finish in the grand scheme of things.

Many of the guests had travelled from all over the UK, and had journeys to make it home again.

A wonderful singer on her Guitar (who's name sadly escapes us) was also on hand to add a mellow vibe to the room and gave guests using the 360 a bit of dance music to work with!

By 9pm it was all over, and as the room empties we packed down and slipped out the back to our parking space, loaded the van and hit the road.

A quick coffee stop was a must once we got out of the madness of London and hit the M3 back down to the beautiful South Coast we call home.

Adecco were another happy client and we ticked off a new venue, so all in all a long but enjoyable day.

If only all events came with some sure fire parking!

Much Love

The Box Team



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