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Making Those Photo Booth Pictures Really POP!

Its all well and good our booths taking a lovely, crystal clear image, but if its not popping off the print itself its all a bit for nothing, and thats what we have been working on.

Photo Booth Template
Photo Booth Print Designs


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Its taken a while...

We know we've been talking about doing this for well over a year, maybe even longer (Covid 2020 rings a bell!), but its just about done.

Our website has always had around 80 print style templates, but the downside has been we used stock images to show you how the layout would look. Now this helps give you an idea, but we had requests asking to see one of our lush, vine dripping backdrops and real people in the templates.

Now, if you have ever designed a photo booth template you may know that you go back and forth, move this and move that, add this and take away that. Then you sit back and go 'oh, I dont like that' and start again. Well thats what we have been doing, but multiply that by 50 and it becomes very time consuming.

We've gone for simplicity...

Our previous set of designs varied massively in styles, and thats a good thing, but it was always a bit of a scatter-gun approach. So for these new ones we have cleaned them up, used sharper fonts and on trend colours.

Now, there is no 'one fits all' approach to any wedding or event, so we have added a few slightly left of field options.

And currently we have only added the 6x4 postcard style prints, the classic strip style ones will be all ready to view before January is over with.

Take a look at just a few of the new styles we have available...

Customise or go bespoke?...

All the styles can be adapted to take your names and dates, venues etc, and but the time we have finished this overhaul there will be around 100 designs to choose from for your photo booth experience with us.

However, if your after a truly bespoke print style and fancy doing it yourself (if your handy with photoshop) then just drop us a line and ask us for the PSD file, or you can ask us to create one for you, there is a small fee for a fully bespoke one as it does take time to get these things just right.

Anyway, we will be adding the whole lot to the website very soon and hope you find something your going to love and that guests will keep stuck on their fridge or bedroom mirror for years to come.

The Box Team x



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