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September Already?!

With the last few days producing some much needed rain to turn the grass from Yellow back to Green, we sat down for the first time in seemingly a month and enjoyed the fresh looking grass here at Box HQ.

To be honest, we aren't too sure where August went, and despite plans to get some blogs out, we simply failed.

By the time we have poured a coffee, booted up the Mac, done some social media posts, answered a fresh batch of emails, done prep work for upcoming events and poured some more coffee, its time to head off to a wedding or party, or spend some time in the workshop on new booths.

We did a fair few events in August, and with the heat as it was, we all shed a few pounds humping photo booths about.

For us though, the hottest job of the month was in Londons Olympic Park, where we set up 2 (yes 2!) 360 photo booths with backing from no less than TikTok.

It was for UK Black Pride, enjoying its 17th year, and with 25000 fun loving people, IT WAS BUSY!

One platform went backstage, to capture some of the many many artists who performed over the course of the day, and the other was set amongst the many event tents on site.

It was a long, hot day, but we captured some great footage that you can see on our social media channels, and met with some great people.

There were of course many hot weddings too, and we really felt for some of those gents in their lovely 3 piece suits!

In actual fact, in August we did events in 4 counties, although our record stands at 6 from 2019.

Now with the slightly cooler weather we are getting ready for a busy September. And then its prep for.... you know..... the C word. So if you're starting to think about a party, get in touch today as we have some great booths for your event.

Much Love

The Box Team



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