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What A Wedding!

Now, we have been too, we think, nudging 1000 weddings. Thats a lot by any standards.

And we cant lie, we have seen some stuff several times over, but every now and again you spot something new, and different.

And let's face it, everyone wants their wedding to be different from the rest.

It doesn't seem all that long ago that the first chocolate fountains started to appear (although they really are rare these days!), then we watched on as postboxes, sweet carts, bubbly walls and doughnut walls started to creep in. The most recent thing we have seen is crisp walls (as fans of crisps we love these).

However, we have never before been to a wedding that had its very own dodgems track. Yes, like the ones at the fun fair, except they were free to ride, over and over all night long, and believe us when we say, people did!!!

About a month ago in May, we travelled to the beautiful and peaceful Wellington Barn in Wiltshire for the wonderful wedding of Mr&Mrs Roberts.

The weather was amazing, the crowd a good laugh and a very relaxed Bride & Groom who just wanted everyone to have fun.

As if the venue and dodgems weren't enough, there was a wipeout ride, ice cream parlour, food wagon (with the spiciest chicken EVER) and all topped off with Fireworks before the night was over.

To be honest, the always popular Rustic Garden photo booth that we took along had one of its quietest nights, but we were happy to play second fiddle to the dodgems.

It was a real treat to be part of this one.

Now we aren't expecting Dodgem tracks to start becoming as popular as sweet carts, in fact we aren't sure we will see this again ever, but it really was great to see something different.

Guests will rarely remember your cake, or your first dance song, or the decorative typewriter by the card post box, but they do ALWAYS remember the entertainment. From the band, to the glitter artist to the photo booth, we all love a good party and some memories to take away.

The Box Team



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