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Whats on the way, whats better, and what to expect from your photo booth hire in 2024

If you sit still in the events world, and in our case the photo booth world, you get left behind. For us, we have always pushed, evolved and strived to stand out in our field. And 2024 will be no different!

People in a Rustic Photo Booth
Photo Booth image captured in the Rustic Garden whilst set up at the beautiful Priston Mill in Somerset


DID YOU KNOW... We are on TikTok, join us...


Whats on the way...

Well, following the success of our Rustic Gamer Arcade Machine, we will be bringing the next-gen one to events near you soon.

Using a different platform for games, it will boast a larger, better res screen and improved gaming sticks and a very new look compared to the aforementioned. We are excited for us this and cant wait to show it off in the coming months.

In terms of photo booths, we have been working on a couple in the background for a while now. The Circus and one we currently call the Messner.

Both will offer guests a great, stylised experience, the big problem for us is which one to fully complete first.

We have also started on a booth with a bit of a difference, one which has multiple customisable options, and we don't mean just the prints. It's simple, but hopefully striking. A date to get started on that will be early spring.

And finally, Selfie Pods.

You're going to start to see a couple of new and VERY VERY BOLD designs in the next few months, they won't be to everyones taste, but they will certainly get guests talking.

Whats Better...

Lots, we hope!

After almost 12 months chipping away in the background, our whole new range of print & digital templates are just about ready, and should be up on our website in early Feb.

For the most part we have gone for simple, clean styles, with the odd brave one thrown in for those who live on the edge. And of course, you can still create your own or ask us to see what we can come up with for you.

Our website... yep, the one you're currently on. You might not notice it but we have cleaned it up, sharpened the edges and made it a much experience, even this blog, this very one you're reading has a new style and look to compared to 2023.

And finally our on-line galleries are getting a complete overhaul.

We don't just pop them on Facebook for the world to see (thats for the budget boothers to do!), you get a gallery here on our site to share and download from and these will soon look even smarter and be available even quicker. We will throw a blog out on this as soon as they are ready.

What to expect...

As well as all the above, how about an even better service, new social media output, more blogs, improved set up times on our booths and some new tech inside our much loved existing booths. In fact, we are giving all our photo booths some TLC with new vines, florals and paints.

As we said at the start, we never sit still and its why 2024 is our 10th year in the game. 10 years as a PROFESSIONAL photo booth hire company. There aren't many of us around who can say that, and say it with 10 years in the bag.

To celebrate, we are going to throw some special offers out there over the coming months, so if you're making an enquiry, it could be your lucky day.

Happy new year peeps, we sure hope its a great one for you!

The Box Team x



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