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A Few tweaks and a new Photo Booth bubbling away

How many times have we said it, how many times have we started a blog with the words 'We never stand still at Box Photo Booths'. Well its as true as its ever been because we have been busy bees in the background.

Firstly lets mention the new look website, we think it looks absolutley fab. We've taken it back to a look we had somewhere around 2018 until part way through (dare we say it) Covid.

Clean, crisp, lots of White, big fonts and easy to navigate through. We hope you like it.

Next up we'eve spent sometime giving our increasingly popular Rustic Gamer Arcade Machine a bit of a spruce up. So new foliage, some revised buttons for better game play and we are just waiting for a bit of a gap in our shedule and we will build another, slightly sharper looking one.

They are a great addition to your day for just £95

A floral arcade machine
Rustic arcade machine see here looking great at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon in Somerset

Now, we've got 2 amazing you new booths on the horizon, well closer than that actually.

We have completed the build of what will be our entry level photo booth, not selfie pod, booth, although it does share some similarities with our pods.

The Old Juke as it will be known is a real looker, offering not only pictures and instant prints, but GIFs and boomerangs too. With some great lighting and if needed its own little sound system, we think this is going to be a popular choice for those after more than a selfie pod but not quite the set up of a full on photo booth.

The second of our new booths is Fotoautomat, and believe us when we say we are excited for this!

Its just a few weeks away from leaving our workshop and heading out on a test event.

Its a photo booth that really does take us full circle in terms of what a photo booth always used to be before the surge of open style booths became the norm at weddings and events.

This beautiful, wooden booth will offer classic Black & White prints (although we will have the option of colour for you) and booth space for just you and you're bestie, and maybe one more if they are small.

Its already looking striking on our test bench and we fully expect this booth to go down a storm in the later half of this year and into 2025. Watch this space, its almost ready!

Classic styled photo booth
Our new retro photo booth, where dodgy haircuts are optional.

We've been on the road a little lately too with our old friends at BFGoodrich and RedBull for the Hardline downhill bike event in Wales.

The 360 photo booth was on hand to dish out some serious footage in what was an amazing setting somewhere in the middle of Wales.

2 Days of hard graft and queues 30 people long meant we didnt get much time to wonder about but we did get some footage and when we get a moment we will do a full blog on the event.

A 360 Photo Booth
The 360 in action at RedBull Hardline

Anyway thats it for now until we throw a few new booths your way, so stay tuned for them.

Much Love

The Box Team



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