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The Thing With Props

Lets face it, everyone, secretly or otherwise, loves to dress up and look a bit silly from time to time right?

Since day dot at Box, we have offered props with all our booths. Everything from wacky glasses and crazy wigs, to fake money and barmy hats. And long before COVID became a thing, we were cleaning and sanitising all our props before and after events.

A while ago (pre-covid), we had noticed a swing away from props. More and more couples asking to not have them, and we call this a Naked Booth. Its actually in our option a lot more fun, its about guests getting creative with their faces and bodies and not being able to hind behind a silly mask.

Now, we know props are for many a big part of the photo booth fun, which is why we make sure they are always offered, and we have for many years kept a great array of many funny items. However....

What we have been doing over the last few weeks is make a bit of a transition. We are moving away from being so reliant on 'wearable' props such as hats and wigs and have invested heavily in some fantastic picture frame props and in a large amount of 'word props'.

These are much much more hygienic to use and so much easier to keep clean. They are also look great in images when used with a bit of flare.

So from this day forth, we will be scaling back our hats and wigs, but ramping up our other options, and they will still be included as part of our complete hire package unless you tell us otherwise.

Sure, from time to time we might throw in the odd hat or wacky pair of shades to spice things up, but they just won't be the norm for us any more.

AND... We can actual make custom word props if thats something you would like? Perhaps Mr&Mrs Jones or your wedding date. If its something that you would like let us know and we can work on it for you. Its not big bucks and is a nice bit of personalisation for your big day.

We haven't really stopped lately since the lifting of restrictions so are aware we are running behind with our newest booths, but they aren't far off, and then we have some seriously exciting new Giant Letters and Party Pods to get stuck into!

The Box Team



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