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TikTok Photo Booth, the joy of social media

We like to think we are a little bit tech savvy. No experts, but pretty good.

Of course in this day and age many people are on social media, and we as a company use it as a platform to promote what we do.

We are really big on Instagram. Its quick, visual and a very user friendly platform, so its a fave.

Facebook is a close second for us, although we do seem to use it a little less these days.

Then we have Twitter and Pinterest, the latter we are really working hard on at the moment to show everything we do. Being all about the pics, its ideal for the kind of photo booths we offer.

Social Media doesn't tend to stand still, remember MySpace?

We never got to grips with Snapchat, but have recently found ourselves with extra time on our hands so have found ourselves thoroughly enjoying TikTok.

Its a simple platform on to which you share silly videos of dancing, practical jokes and so on.

We of course don't have anything new to share (as we are keeping safe), but are always messing around at events for a giggle so should have plenty on the horizon.

If you fancy joining us and the millions of others just head to

You can find us at Boxphotobooths

The Box Team



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