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Wedding Booths

Its been many years since Photo Booths first started popping up at weddings.

Some of the early 'pioneers', the likes of Say Fromage & Smiley Booth are still around, but the world of photo booths has moved on massively, with little curved or square enclosed booths (although still out there to hire) now just a bit of a side show to some of the incredible booths that are available to hire.

Along with a seriously good cake, band or DJ, and photographer, the Photo Booth has come along and stood the test of time.

Its easy to understand why when you look at the way a wedding unfolds.

Once the formalities are over and the music fires up, guests are keen to have some fun, and whilst they may have been posing for an hour for the hard working photographer, the chance to strike a silly pose, use a daft prop and create a fun memory is too strong.

The fact that guests get an instant photograph or a digital image, means they have something to take away from your big day. Its a memory that a bit of cake, no matter how good, just cant match.

Most commonly run as part of the evenings entertainment, we have also had booths running in weddings in the afternoon, and increasingly more common in the early evening, that little moment between the tasty food and the evening fun.

Its actually a great time to have it. Guests are into the flow of the day, they are waiting for the DJ and there is a nice overlap with both day & evening guests.

There is one common misconception that its more fun when people are drunk. The truth is they just end up as blurry mess and a the guest book either doesn't get the pictures stuck in, or its gets 'things' drawn in. Trust us, we've seen it all!

Our booth hosts will make sure to engage with your guests and egg the best pictures out of them. Its all part of the service at Box Photo Booths.

As a professional photo booth company we dont just have one set of equipment, and if it goes wrong we are stuck. We carry backups of backups, cables galore and team members on site who can resolve issues if they arise. Thats what experience brings.

We have done over a thousand weddings, you're in safe hands.



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