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What Green-screen?

We have been playing around with a bit of fab new tech that will soon be available across all our Party Pods.....

Its Green screen without Green screen!

We've all seen how cleaver movie makers are at placing stars infant of places that aren't really there, and photo booths have had the same tech for use. A big green cloth hanging behind you that means anything can be digitally placed on it. Its clever stuff and offers you a world of possibilities.

Well now we can do just that, but without needing a big green cloth dangling in your beautiful venue.

Photo booth Green screen
Danny & Sophie, taken in the Box Workshop, but you would never no the mess going on behind them!

Its a lot of fun and we will soon be adding it across our website with a whole host of options available for 'backdrops'.

Its not perfect though! Too many people can confuse the AI a little but 4-6 people seems to be ok, and props aren't easily seen, but then when your getting creative with a GIF, who needs props!

We will be sure to keep you updated on this great new development, and in the meantime here are a few examples of how it can look....

Much love for now

The Box Team

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